About Your Instructor

John F. Harrigan 
Qi Gong Master 

Your instructor, John Harrigan, is a Qi Gong Master and specialist in Medical Qi Gong. 

John is a 6th Generation Wu Dan Gate, Qi Gong Master and a member of The Qi Gong Longevity Society. 

John's a Lifelong Student of Dr. Wang Xue-zhi, Chairman of the 5th Generation of Wu Dang Gate. 

Dr. Wang is an internationally renowned Qi Gong Grandmaster, Professor and Traditional Chinese Physician from Beijing, China.

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John's powerful book, "Qi Gong and Spiritual Growth," guides you to a strong, calm and happy new life.

Qi Gong Growth

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With John F. Harrigan
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Learn the Secrets of Qi Gong and Ancient Mystic Masters.  Find out how we're created to live forever, without suffering or death.


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Free Qi Gong Exercise for You!

For peace, well-being and strength, try this simple Qi Gong exercise. Do it standing, sitting or in bed as a visualization.

You can practice this Qi Gong exercise -- with improving results -- for the rest of your life. Simply watching the video can have positive effects. Try it!

Have strength. Be well and enjoy your day!

John F. Harrigan

Qi Gong Master

What Is Qi Gong?

"Qi Gong is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been practiced and improved for thousands of years"!

The benefits of Qi Gong include:
  • Increased energy, stamina and strength
  • Well-being, serenity and peace 
  • Longevity, vitality and health

Qi, pronounced "chee," means life energy. "Gong" means work. So "Qi Gong" means working with the energy of life!

Qi Gong addresses health and well-being by building the internal strength of body, mind and spirit.

Our deep and basic strength comes from the core of our being. As this core is known, over time, the best of who we are comes forth.

The practice of Qi Gong activates our best abilities and gives to us the best of life. 


Qi Gong began long ago, 3000 to 5000 years, and appears to have originated in China. 

Qi Gong is the origin of all "martial arts" and consists of a wide body of knowledge, meditations and movements. 

Qi Gong is comprised of practices to improve health, longevity and well-being.

"Our Core of Peace and Love"

Try this meditation now...

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Qi Gong Today

Most important today is the part of Qi Gong that was developed for improving strength of body, mind and spirit.

Qi Gong for health is founded on empiricism, or experience, trying what worked and what did not. Qi Gong is not based on superstition.

Qi Gong was used by ancient Chinese warriors as a lifelong preparation for battle—preparing the mind, body and spirit for the conditions and demands of combat.

For the warrior fortunate enough to return from combat, Qi Gong had many remedies for the physical, mental and emotional injuries that occurred while fighting.

At the esoteric level, Qi Gong is about finding the strength of our immortal self, and expressing this strength in our active daily lives.

Many Qi Gong Masters have been reported to live to surprising ages of 180 years or more. Some Masters have been described as immortals, so developed that they were untouched by destructive and aging influences of the world.

Feeling Better with Qi Gong

With Qi Gong, we feel better because we are better! Qi Gong activates the strong yet subtle resource of wellness within us.

The practice of Qi Gong creates a more lively, stable and resilient "you" by enhancing the force of life within you and the force of life around you. Practice creates steady improvement.

As you begin working with Qi, the "life force" of who you are strengthens. The cells in your body awaken to a fuller potential of wellbeing. You begin to function in a more harmonious and balanced manner.

As life within you shines and improves, life around you responds in a similar fashion.

With Qi Gong, life requires less effort
while providing more enjoyable outcomes!

An Ocean of Qi

Like catching a wave, a swell of Qi propels you.

While others swim to shore with great exertion, you're taken gently and placed upon the land.

From John Harrigan's unpublished book, "The Qi of Life"
Photo by Patricia Harrigan

What Is Qi?

Qi is life. Qi is everywhere, in everything.
Qi is directed and balanced by the body, mind and spirit.
Qi is influenced by nature and the environment.

From John Harrigan's unpublished book, "The Qi of Life."

The Experience of a Master

The Master experiences all things as one thing. 
Life is simple.

Qi Gong State

As we act within a Qi Gong state,
life plays out in an effortless way.

From John Harrigan's unpublished book, "The Qi of Life"

Moving Qi

Working with Qi is the practice of improving our lives.

By doing Qi Gong, we build the virtuous and act within the consequent freedom of this endeavor.

From John Harrigan's unpublished book, "The Qi of Life."